Gripknife - Patriot

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GK001 Patriot Blk/Blk
Gripknife -            Patriot

Our flagship Weapon System, the Gripknife Patriot, is currently our most rugged and heavy-duty model, and is the strongest OTF knife in the world. Precision machined in the U.S.A. using some of the highest quality materials in the industry, and then combined with some of the hardest, most durable, wear-resistant coatings and processes known, the Gripknife Patriot was made to perform in ways that other knives can’t. From functioning in some of the harshest and dirtiest environments, to being able to withstand extreme shock and other forces, Gripknife goes far beyond the point where the majority of collapsible knives fail. The Gripknife Patriot not only creates new limits for knife performance, it also offers an entirely new Weapon System that takes your defensive capabilities to another level.

Gripknife – 4” Patriot
Knife Type: Foregrip
User: Ambidextrous
Mechanism: Out-The-Front
Action: Magnetic Assist ™ Spring Assist
Overall Length: 8.10"
Overall Mounted Length (From Tactical Rail): 5.50"
Blade Type: Spear Point, Single-Edged
Blade Grind: Flat
Blade Length: 4.00"
Blade Material: M2 (54-56 HRC)
Blade Width: ≈1.06"
Blade Thickness: .187" 
Blade Finish: Black Nitride
Handle Material: Zytel
Handle Color: Black
Handle Texture: 60 Grit
Handle Width 1.50"
Handle Thickness: .96"
Blade Lock: Linear Cam™
Blade Lock Material: 17-4ph CNC Machined
Blade Lock Coating: EXO
Chassis: Model 7
Chassis: 2-Piece Dovetail, Interlocking
Chassis Material: 17-4ph CNC Machined
Chassis Coating: EXO
Chassis Lubricant: Self-Lubricating
Sheath: Rail Mounting Sheath
Weight Overall: 11.50oz. / Knife Only: 7.80oz.
Best Use: Defense & Survival
Design Type: Heavy Duty
Made: In USA

We started from scratch. We did away with the standard of having grips layered on top of thin “cookie cutter” type liners, of which are all then held together by many small screws, spacers, pins, etc. (fail points). We built a 2-piece frame—a Chassis. Our Model 7 Chassis is 2 pieces interlocked together—even without the use of screws it’s already incapable of moving in nearly every direction—this eliminates the majority of the weaknesses found in most collapsible knives made today. Nothing like this has ever been done, but we wanted to achieve a level of strength never before imagined. We wanted our strength to come from design, not the amount of hardware added to the design—in fact, we wanted as few parts and hardware as possible, and this is why the chassis is only 2 parts and 2 screws. Our Model 7 Chassis is our latest design that delivers a new standard of collapsible knife strength, engineering, and precision.  
17-4 Stainless Steel
Precipitation Hardened
Precision Machined
Wear Resistant
Corrosion Resistant
Minimal Blade Contact
Precision Blade Transition

Known globally for its extreme strength, toughness, wear resistance, and superior properties, we precision machined our blade from M2 High Speed Steel. Designed primarily for cutting tool applications, M2 is used to make tools, bits, and blades that cut other steels and metals in various machining applications. Then, in a special furnace that’s absent of air and other gasses and capable of reaching over half the surface temperature of the sun, our blade is pushed to extremely high temperatures that change and vastly improve the mechanical properties of the steel itself. This makes it not only extremely consistent, but takes strength, hardness, toughness, and durability to an entirely different level—our level. Next, our blade is cooled down to around -300°F (close to the surface temperature of Pluto) through the use of liquid nitrogen. This changes the crystal structure of our blade on a molecular level and removes any stresses caused by heat-treatment and machining; resulting in even greater strength, hardness, and maximum wear resistance. After a few more intense processes like this, the blade is ready for the chassis.
M2 High-Speed Steel
Vacuum Heat Treatment
Cryogenic Snap Temper
Precision Machined
Wear Resistant
Corrosion Resistant
Minimal Blade Contact
Precision Blade Transition
Black Nitride

The problem was that blade locks on traditional out-the-front knife designs are considered by many to be “inherently weak” when compared with other collapsible knife designs such as your folding knives. We needed something stronger, something that could compete with the locks of folding knives—something that could bust through concrete, and to the best of our knowledge, locks that strong don’t exist on any knife. First we needed a lock that worked reliably, and then we needed to make it stronger than anything ever before, if that was possible. While sweeping the shop floor, the design idea was born. Within a week we had a working prototype, and as if it were meant to be, it worked reliably the very first time. After several tweaks (and broken cinder blocks) later, the official Linear Cam Locks were born. Relying heavily on the design of the chassis to create strength through synergy, our locks can withstand a variety of extreme forces on a level that we believe has never been attained in a collapsible production knife.
17-4 Stainless Steel
Precipitation Hardened
Precision Machined
Premium Protective Coating
Wear Resistant
Corrosion Resistant
Minimal Blade Contact
Precision Blade Transition
Type: Linear Cam
Seated, Pressed, Bolted

17-4 Stainless Steel
Precipitation Hardened
Precision Machined
Wear Resistant
Corrosion Resistant
Button is Injection Molded DuPont Zytel

Free floating
Precision Machined
6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Wear Resistant
Corrosion Resistant
Hard Coat Anodized

Weight Overall: 3.70oz.
Material: Black Zytel
Lock Material: 17-4ph CNC Machined Stainless
Attaches to: Picatinny Rail Section

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