"The knife is a great morale builder. A man, without one, especially in the dark, is on the defensive. But, put a knife In His Hand and it's a different story. He is aggressive, confident, he has psychological support." - William E. Fairbairn, Father of Modern Close-Quarters Combat


Gripknife is the world's first and only combat knife and foregrip in one. Gripknife completes you and your rifle’s full chain of preparedness by filling a defensive gap at you and your weapon's weakest point--extremely close distances. Now you have an immediate defensive option at any distance, and Gripknife deploys as fast as pulling the trigger on your rifle. When you need to defend yourself at home, abroad, or find yourself in a struggle over your rifle, you now have all the necessary tools available to you, at a moment's notice, to do so. Gripknife greatly enhances you and your rifle's defensive capabilities in tight or confined spaces such as in home defense and close quarter battle (CQB) situations.



According to the U.S. Department of Justice, 1.03 million home invasions occur each year, with 27% of those homeowners becoming a victim of violent crime (1). 3 out of 4 homes will be broken into in the next 20 years, with most of these being forced entries and involving weapons, with master bedrooms being the most common target (2).  These home invaders are now using (largely stolen) (3) long-guns and bringing more and more perpetrators with them to help commit the crime (4), and now homeowners find themselves needing to defend against 3, 4, even 5 or more attackers armed with semi-automatic rifles (5). A growing number of homeowners are responding with high-capacity rifles of their own, such as the AR-15, dubbed “America’s Favorite Rifle”—as their primary means of defense (6). However, with this capability to provide the necessary and needed accuracy and firepower, as well as the less likelihood of over-penetration vs. handguns according to the FBI (7); there are still things that can go wrong (8), such as a weapon malfunction (9), depletion of ammo (10), or the possibility of being overrun (11) or surprised by an attacker (12). These can lead to a hand-to-hand combat situation (13), likely rendering the homeowner’s rifle useless at some point (14), and possibly even finding themselves struggling to retain control of their long-rifle (15), and, not surprisingly, during the rush to defend themselves, homeowners are much less likely to have grabbed any type of back-up weapon (or extra mags) due to not having the time or ability (16), in order to meet the threat at a moment’s notice. In stressful situations like this, anything can happen, and what can go wrong eventually will (17), so it’s best to prepare ahead of time through close-quarter-battle education and training (after all, that’s what these home invasions are—CQB), so homeowners can be ready and survive a “worse case scenario,” rather than becoming a statistic (as listed above). As a homeowner, you don’t have backup coming in behind you, nobody has your back but you.



Often overlooked, knives, when readily available, are actually one of the most dangerous weapons in the world when it comes to hand-to-hand combat and even close-quarters-combat in general (18) and for military and LE, many cases prove that just because their rifle is on a sling, doesn’t mean it can’t be taken from them, and having a sidearm doesn’t mean they’ll actually be able to successfully bring that sidearm into the fight. For example, the “21-Foot-Rule” states that within 21-feet, a person can deploy a knife, close that 21-foot distance, and effectively use that knife to inflict serious damage, all before a trained officer can unholster their firearm and fire an effective shot (19). But this also works for the good guys, like me and you, too.



Speed, accessibility, and surprise are key elements for employing a knife successfully (20)—and no knife in the world is more accessible or has a greater element of surprise than Gripknife. Gripknife is a combat knife with a 4” blade, concealed within your foregrip and remains secured to your rifle—until needed. When you enter into your home defense situation, your back-up weapon is already there, in your hand and ready to be used in a moment’s notice, with the press of a button. If your rifle is rendered useless, such as a jam, depletion of ammo, or an attacker closes the distance and grabs you and/or your weapon, you now have the option to deploy and use Gripknife in just a fraction of a second, to defend yourself and your loved ones. It’s far better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Always be prepared and stay ready for anything.



Thought to be impossible by many, Gripknife is pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable in high-production precision machining and processes, here in America. Gripknife is achieving consistent and extremely precise results on very challenging parts, while using very tough “hard to work with” materials—and doing it all at an affordable price point in the premium out-the-front (otf) knife space. This, when combined with our new knife innovations and locking mechanisms, gives you never-before-seen strength and reliability from an out-the-front knife, and we kept it all in America, which we were told couldn’t be feasibly done.


Gripknife has several patents and patents-pending in the United States and numerous other countries on multiple continents. There is only one foregrip knife in the world, and its Gripknife, Made In USA. Please be watchful of possible knock-offs entering the United States, and should you ever come across a knock-off, we ask that you please notify us immediately. Lastly, Gripknife will never ship to nations of terror, unless it is to verified Americans and/or allies.


Our mission at Gripknife is to provide our customers with a reliable, durable, and instantly deployable knife that can assist them in those key moments of survival when a blade is needed most—and to give back to those who are serving, or have served in Law Enforcement and the Armed Forces of the United States of America.


Gripknife is a patented weapon system intended for users of modern military-style firearm platforms, such as the AR-15. By nature, this is still a more traditional and conservative industry. We are proud of our conservative values on things such as: the right to bear arms, self-defense, self-reliance, justice, charity, the sanctity of life, and the recognition that evil does exist in the world (at home and abroad) and we will combat it by whatever means necessary. Above all else, we have a great appreciation for God, our family, liberty and freedom; and we will do anything to defend them. We place a high level of importance on our interaction within the industry and our communities at home. Our honesty, integrity, and genuine personality that’s true to the industry and our product, have been paramount in earning trust with our customers. Our customers will not just use any product to depend on with their life. They need to trust the product, its design, and ultimately us, the makers—we give them that level of trust and confidence the old fashioned way, by earning it, and we do that with each and every Gripknife we sell. From design and functionality, to shipping and customer support, we prove to them that we build knives and weapon systems that our military, police, fighters, home defenders, and survivalists can depend on.


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